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HRB-B Fully Automatic Flute Laminator Machine

Product Features:

1-Fully automatic flute laminator machine 

2-Maxspeed 100pcs/min   

3- Can feeding 3ply cardboard on top, 2ply corrguated sheet on bottom, to produce 5ply

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Product parameters:

 Use and Characteristics:

◆ The Feeding device made in Taiwan ensures that the feeding of surface paper is smooth and accurate.

◆ Unique central gear made of wear-resistant PU rubber cooperating with conveying belt ensures stability and smoothness of conveying, which is adaptive for different sheets of different thickness without any abrasion for the printing surface.

◆ Synchronous sheet pusher particularly designed ensures that the surface paper and bottom paper enter the pasting part at the same time. It can be fine adjusted during the course of working.

◆ Imported suction feeding device with punching belts ensures stable feeding at high speed. It is suitable for cardboard heavier than 300g/m2, corruggated boards of A,B,C,D,E,F,N and three, five or seven layers.

◆ Synchronous sheet pusher particularly designed ensures the stable and accurate conveying of cardboards heavier than 300g/m2, and corrugated boards of A,B,C,D,E,F,N and three, five or seven layers.

◆ Imported wear-resistance timing belt, belt wheels cooperating with sheet pusher, adjustment system and alignment mechanism ensures a paste tolerance of ±1.5mm and reduction of torn sheet.

◆ Fine regulator completely manufactured in Japan is adopted, which actualizes the adjustment of pasting tolerance during the course of working with high speed, thus improving the working efficiency.

◆ All the electrical power adopted the worldrenowned brands, steady and dureable, frequency speed govering, lower noise and energy conservation

◆ Automatic adding glue system detects by electrically operated fluid controller and adds gule automatically during the course of pasting. The thickness of glue is adjustable according to paper. Recycling system of glue avoids a waste of glue and swinging glue, and ensures accurate and tidy laminating.Unique applied anilox roller glues evenly, even suitable for cardboards and cardboards.


Technological parameter

Model HRB-1300B HRB-1450B B HRB-1600B
Max. paper size    1300×1100mm 1450×1100mm 1600×1200
Min. paper size  400×400 400×400 400×400
Mini. weight of bottom paper 300gsm 300gsm 300gsm
Max. weight of bottom paper 800gsm 800gsm 800gsm
Max. thickness of paper  10mm 10mm 10mm
Mini. weight of face paper    180gsm 180gsm 250gsm
Max. weight of face paper    800gsm 800gsm 800gsm
Precision of paperboard and cardboard  ±1.2mm  ±1.2mm  ±1.2mm 
Precision of paperboard and cardboard ±1.5mm ±1.5mm ±1.5mm
Machine speed   100pcs/min 100pcs/min 70pcs/min
Total power  14kw 14kw 14kw
Total length  12.5M 12.5M 14.5M
Total weight  6200KG  6200KG  7500KG


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