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HRB-HII Semi Automatic Flute Laminator Machine Lift Model

Product Features:

1- Top paper up and down by lift 

2- bottom paper auto feeder 

3-servo drive

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Product parameters:

 Use and Characteristics:

◆ The top paper can pile up the height of 1.5m once time, it makes delivery more easier and efficient.

◆ Using suction feeding automatic of bottom sheet, according to the main machine operating speed, continuous automatic tracking.

◆ The machine operation is stable, surface paper with corrugated paper joint very Accurate.The corrugated paper never pull ahead, surface paper’s location is easy adjust.

◆ Machine uses touch-screen/PLC/servo motor control system, the circuit system is stable , and can automatically display the failure alarm.

◆ Automatic gluing ,and the glue can be used circulatory, avoid glue waste.

◆ Roller design scientifically, avoid glue fly out when the speed is high.

◆ Pressure rollers adopt unilateral adjustment, convenient and fast.

◆ Rocker controls wash roller’s fluctuation, easy cleaning.

◆ Counter designs scientifically, easy recording the amount you have been worked.


Technological parameter


Model HRB-1300HII HRB-1500HII HRB-1600HII
Max size 1300mmx1200mm 1500mmx1200mm 1600mmx1200mm
Min size 360mmx360mm 360mmx360mm 360mmx360mm
Economic speed 0-100pcs/min 0-100pcs/min 0-100pcs/min
Precision ±1mm ±1mm ±1mm
Power 9.5kw 9.5kw 9.5kw
Size 12mx1.95mx2.43m 12mx2.15mx2.43m 12mx2.25mx2.43m
Weight About 4t About 4.5t About 4.5t
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