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HRB-F 5 Ply Automatic Flute Laminator

Product Features:


1、3/4/5 Ply Flute Laminator Machine 

2、Popular Type 

3、Brand:HRB PACK

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Product parameters:

HRB-F 5 Ply Automatic Flute Laminator


HRB-F series fully automatic multilayer flute laminator is consists of automatic face paper lifting section, face paper conveying section, double bottom paper synchronized or asynchronized conveying section, double bottom paper positioning section, cyclic gluing section, pressing section, delivering section and automatic collecting section. It suits to laminate the printed paper to the corrugated board or cardboard which is thicker than 350gsm, with features of high precision and high speed. It is the ideal laminating machine for all kinds of packaging company domestic and overseas.


IITechnological parameter:










Max. Paper size(W*L)

1300*1300 mm

1450*1300 mm

1600*1300 mm

Min. Paper size(W*L)

500*500 mm

600*600 mm

Face paper thickness

250-500 g/m2(standard paper board)

Flatness requirements on face paper

Curve height should less than 0.2 times of paper thickness

Requirements on film

 Film ends should be less than 2 times of paper thickness

Bottom paper

A、B、C、E、F flute

Flatness requirements on bottom paper

Within 15/1000 mm

Corrugated paper deflection

Curve height should less than 0.2 times of  paper thickness, deflection should be less than 2times of flute height

Requirements on the height of corrugated flute

If there is difference between tow flute, difference should be within 1/20 of the corrugated height

Diagonal requirement

Less than 3/1000 mm

Size requirement on face paper and bottom paper

Size of face paper should be 8 mm larger than that of the bottom paper

Laminate layers

Face paper+corrugated paper=3 layers or Face paper+corrugated paper+corrugated paper=5 layers(total thickness less than 10 mm)


±1.5mm(according to the paper quality)


100 m/m(theoretical value )

90 m/m(theoretical value)

Production efficiency

0-6000 sheets/h

0-5000 sheets/h

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