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HRB-C Manual Flute Laminator Machine

Product Features:

1- Auto glue 

2-Auto clean 

3-Inveter control 

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Product parameters:

 Use and Characteristics:

The automatic gluing , focus clutch pedal and sends to the paper ,at the end of shaft with water , cleaning brush, ensuring at the end of paper roll for cleaning , reducing manual labor intensity.


Technological parameter

Model HRB-1300C HRB-1500C HRB-1600C
Machine speed 0-40m/min 0-40m/min 0-40m/min
Max size 1300mmx1200mm 1500mmx1200mm 1600mmx1200mm
Min size 360mmx360mm 360mmx360mm 360mmx360mm
Power 3.5kw 3.5kw 3.5kw
Size 9mx1.95mx1.1m 9mx2.15mx1.1m 9mx2.25mx1.1m
Weight About 1.5t About 1.6t About 1.7t
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