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SM-10 Double facer

Product Features:

1- Width:1600mm;1800mm;2200mm;2500mm

2- For 3/5/7 Automatic Corrugated Line

3- Brand: HRB PACK 

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Product parameters:


1、temperature requirement: 160—200℃   steam pressure:0.8-1.3MPa     


2、air source pressure: 0.6—0.9MPa


3、Cooling stereotypes length: 4m       Heating plate quantity: 12 pieces         


4、hydraulic system pressure: 6---8MPa


Roller diameter parameters:


1、upper drive rubber roller diameter:¢475mm         lower drive rubber roller diameter :    ¢350mm        Wear rubber Outsourcing


2、Former follower with roller diameter:¢215mm           back setting belt driven roller diameter:¢176mm


3、Platen roller:    ¢70mm       Setting roller diameter:¢86mm


4、upper belt tension roller diameter:¢155mm          upper roll diameter with detuning:¢124mm


5、 Entrusted with the roll diameter lower belt:¢130mm


Note: All the roller surface after grinding are hard chrome plated





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