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Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

Product Features:

1- Width: 1600mm;1800mm;2200mm;2500mm

2- Diameter: 240mm/270mm

3Brand Name: HRB PACK

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Product parameters:

※technical parameters

1、the range of clamping paper: MAX1800mm MIN1000mm  

2、clamping diameters:MAX¢1500mm MIN¢350mm

3、main shaft diameter of paper holder:¢240mm    

4、gas source work pressure(Mpa):0.4---0.8Mpa

5、equipment size:Lmx4.3*Wmx1.8*Hmx1.6              6、single weight:MAX4000Kg

※Hydraulic system parameters

1、Work pressure(Mpa):16---18Mpa                2、lifting hydraulic cylinder:¢100×440mm   

3、Clamping hydraulic cylinder:¢63×1300m 4、hydraulic station motor power:3KW --380V -- 50Hz      

5、solenoid valve voltage:220V  50 Hz

※Mainly purchased parts, raw materials and origin

Name of main parts

Brands or place of origin


Main shaft

Day steel production


Swing arm

Production by own

Resin sand gray ironHT200


Jigang prduction

Q235AWelding parts




expand chuck

Zhejiang xusheng

3、4inch shared

Main electrical appliance

France Schneider



CHINT NP2series


Air switch

French Schneider


Pneumatic components

Zhejiang Sonor CSM


Hydraulic station

Shandong zaozhuang


Brake pump


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