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HRB-2000 Semi-Auto Stitcher Machine Single Piece Single Head

Product Features:

1-2 servo motor 

2-double head stitching 

3-For normal carton box

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Product parameters:

 Use And Characteristics:

◆ It can nail single nail, double nail, Strengthen nail completed in one-time, can be suitable for different kinds of customer requirements of nails.

◆ It can be changed size quickly in one minute, can be operated easily and not had to experience.

◆ Paper feeding section can automatic count, send after the bundle into the bundle.

◆ It is man-machine interface control for convenient operation.

◆ Back-automatic counting. The finished products done can be sent to the end of conveyor by setting the number(1-99).

◆ Semi-finished products nailing to the finished products displayed only need two operators. This can operate simply and reduce wages

◆ Adopt 2 servo motor, brand YASKAWA

◆ Feeding unit auto counter

◆ Computer adjust nail distance

◆ Suit for 3-5ply standard carton box

◆ Nail distance: 30-120mm

◆ Speed: 500 nails/min



Electric systerm Machinery systerm Technical Guid
Servo AC drive Mitsubishi Japan Stitching head Zhuhai Speed 500-600Nails/min
Servo Motor Mitsubishi Japan synchronous pulley Foshan Precision 1mm
PLC OMRON Japan Head reducer Xinbao Japan Start Method Sensor or foot switch
Contactor Shili  Taiwan Gear reducer Zhejiang Stitching model Single piece or doublepiece
Relay SchneiderFrench synchronous belt Zhejiang sanwei Power 6kw
Touch screen Siemens German     Weight 3000kg
Magnetic valve YDK Taiwan        



Max (A + B)×2 3600mm
Min (A + B)×2 600mm
Max C 350mm
Min C 65mm
Min (C+D+C) 350mm
Max (B) 700mm
Min (B) 150mm
Max (A) 1100mm
Min (A) 150mm
Power (kw) 4kw
Machine size 2800×2600mm
Weight 1500Kg
Nail distance(mm) 20-120mm
Speed 600nail/min
Nail model # 17、18
Nail quantity 1-99


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