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Manual Creasing And Die Cutting Machine

Product Features:

1- more than 4 sensors for safe working 

2- high precision 

3- computer oil pump

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Product parameters:

 Use And Characteristics:

1. Bearing quality Harbin brand, wear and avoid maintenance

2. The fuselage is made of high quality materials, with high strength and good


3. With single pressure cutting, continuous pressure cutting and open delay three

functions, the delay range can be adjusted freely

4. The flywheel is big and has great pressure

5. Single - plate electromagnetic clutch is sensitive and reliable

6. The operation height design is reasonable, the pressure frame opens the angle

Model Maximum effective pressure cutting area Working speed The length of the indentation section motor power Weight  Dimensions
PYQ401C 750×520mm 28±2(stroes/min) ﹤15m 2.2kw 2000kg 1260×1350×1280mm
PYQ203D 930×670mm 23±2(stroes/min) ﹤25m 4.0kw 3000kg 1800×1600×1600mm
ML 1100 1100×800mm 20±2(stroes/min) ﹤32m 5.5 kw 4500kg 1900×1800×1700mm
ML 1200 1200×830mm 20±2(stroes/min) ﹤35m 5.5 kw 4800kg 1900×2000×1700mm
ML 1300 1300×920mm 18±2(stroes/min) ﹤40m 5.5 kw 6000kg 2000×2400×1800mm
ML 1400 1400×1000mm 18±2(stroes/min) ﹤45m 5.5 kw 6500kg 2000×2450×1900mm
ML 1500 1500×1050mm 18±2(stroes/min) ﹤45m 5.5 kw 7000kg 2000×2500×1930mm
ML 1600 1600×1250mm 16±2(stroes/min) ﹤50m 11kw 11000kg 2170×2560×2130mm
ML 1800 1800×1300mm 16±2(stroes/min) ﹤62m 15kw 13500kg 2240×2800×2230mm
ML 2000 2000×1400mm 16±2(stroes/min) ﹤80m 15kw 14500kg 2280×2900×2230mm
ML 2200 2200×1450mm 16±2(stroes/min) ﹤90m 18kw 16500kg 2280×3000×2250mm
ML 2500 2500×1600mm 13±2 (stroes/min) ﹤92m 22kw 20000kg 3580×2400×2550mm


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